Popular Elements of Fashion Brands in Spring and Summer 2023

Popular Elements of Fashion Brands in Spring and Summer 2023


As the mainstream consumer groups are getting younger and younger, and the trend of clothing trendy brands is becoming more and more obvious, then in 2023, what popular elements will the trendy brands have, let's take a look at them in detail below.

With the development of the times, the mainstream consumer groups are getting younger and younger. Influenced by the new generation of consumer groups, the trend of fashion branding in the clothing industry is becoming more and more obvious. Many high-luxury and light-luxury brands have also launched trendy new products one after another, and the market competition has become more and more fierce. So in 2023, what trends will the popular elements of the tide brand have, let's take a look at it in detail below.

Cultural elements

Tide brand originated from streetwear in Europe and America, and its rise is related to the culture of surfing, skateboarding, hip-hop music, street graffiti art, and basketball shoes. Since entering the new century, the post-90s and post-00s have become mainstream consumer groups. Their preference for clothing has affected the clothing industry and brought the trend of fashionable clothing.

The early tide brand clothing can reflect the impact of street fashion culture on traditional fashion culture at the creative level. However, with the popularity of trend design elements, the simple and crude design method of directly printing street culture symbols on clothes can no longer be satisfied. Aesthetics of contemporary youth. In the past two years, splicing elements, graffiti design, retro resurgence, and new technological fabrics have become frequent visitors to fashion shows, and the boundaries between high fashion and streetwear have become blurred.

China-chic elements

With the enhancement of cultural self-confidence, international brands have begun to apply a large number of traditional Chinese elements in product design in order to develop the Chinese market, such as the zodiac limited series. Young people and people in first- and second-tier cities are more receptive to foreign brands than other groups. The attention of local Chinese clothing brands to Chinese style design elements has also continued to rise.

Among them, embroidery, pleats, hang Luo and other representative crafts are used more in national fashion clothing. Integrating traditional craftsmanship into the design and reflecting the characteristics of the national trend through festive vocabulary and color matching is the main design direction of the existing national trend clothing. Traditional cultural elements such as awakening lions, cranes, opera, ink landscape, Shaolin, and the Three Kingdoms are common in costume design.

Joint name

There are three common ways of brand co-branding:

Brand and brand co-branding is the most common way of co-branding. Supreme collaborates with different brands every year. For example, The North Face, Timberland, Levi's, Vans, Nike, etc., and the basic launch of single products are out of the stock king.

The brand is co-branded with celebrities, such as stars, well-known designers, celebrities, etc. In 2017, CHANEL jointly launched a running shoe with singer Pharrell Williams and sports brand Adidas Originals, which is in the market. It was fired to an astonishing price of 200,000 yuan for a pair.

Brands and IP co-brandings, such as the intellectual co-branding between Champion and universities, Converse and Disney, are all based on IP-based bundling to achieve a win-win effect.

The above briefly introduces the trendy elements of the later period. If you want to customize trendy clothing with popular elements, please contact us.

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