Fashion Clothes Trends

Fashion Clothes Trends


Tide brand embodies more of a kind of straightforward thinking and fanatical psychology. In recent years, the trendy brand has gradually come to life and has been accepted by more and more people of all ages. It is no longer the patent of young trendy people.

Fashion Trends
In the past two years, fashion has had a very conspicuous feature, that is, there is the shadow of trendy brands. Tide brand first appeared in casual sportswear, and it was simply reflected in T-shirts at first. The trendy brand started to highlight such symbols as metal accessories, skateboards, electronic elements, letters, abstract patterns, etc., and now it has expanded more broadly. Some symbols with the spirit of the times, such as festivals, national styles, graffiti, or words, also appear on clothing.

The tide brand culture has spread and penetrated into the fashion industry. The line between trendy and fashion brands is blurred. The fashion brand is not about workmanship, but more of a straightforward idea, the fanaticism and rebellious psychology of young people. In recent years, the popular logo has gradually moved from crowd to public to life, and the popular logo has been accepted by more and more people of all ages, and it is no longer the patent of young hipsters.

Hipsters sell with culture, while hipsters wear with attitude. Fashion is trendy, and high-end fashion is no longer high above it. While maintaining the previous sophistication, it has mixed the soul of streetwear, making fashion more lively, comfortable, and youthful street attitude.

Because of its affordable price and style, it is highly sought after by some young people who like to show themselves. In recent years, the trendy brand has gradually moved from the niche to the public and to life. 

The construction and future development of the symbolic meaning of the tide brand requires internal rationality and external communication. From an internal point of view, names and images themselves should be able to extract corresponding meaning elements, such as supreme, off-white, and essential.

The images of the street, music, and sports reflect the struggle against the mainstream, self-esteem, and endless challenges. From an external point of view, the meanings extracted from names and images need to be transmitted through symbolization and used continuously, so that the corresponding relationship is continuously strengthened, the meaning is continuously accumulated, and finally enters the language system of a specific group.

Later, when the symbolic value, especially its meaning, has entered the language system of a specific group, it will have the opportunity to form a greater diffusion. In a specific social and cultural environment, the diffusion of symbolic value is both top-down and bottom-up.

From top to bottom: the lifestyles, value pursuits and aesthetic propositions admired by the elites will become the aspirations of other classes. And the commodities and symbols they consume naturally become symbols of their identity, status, and taste. Other classes will "fake" and express desire by following.

Bottom-up: The non-mainstream class has no right to speak at the beginning, and they have no competitive advantage in the mainstream social ascending channel. With the development of society and the change of vocal channels, they can express different voices through specific symbols, and most of these voices will lead to differences with the mainstream discourse system.

The class at the top of the pyramid will show great disdain and even ridicule. However, some groups in the middle class, the largest proportion of the social structure, will be shaken by these differences and will resonate with the meaning behind these symbols.

Art is the most powerful symbol created by human beings, and it is a thing with no use value that is a "symbol for the sake of the symbol". The tide brand, because its symbolic value occupies the vast majority, should draw nourishment from art. The founding team, name, and image of the tide brand should have strong artistry.

But art is "priceless" and does not seek commercial success. The creation and operation of tide brands need to pursue commercial success and sustainable development. Therefore, in addition to a strong ability to construct symbolic values, it also requires the ability to spread symbols.

From a narrow perspective, as the commercial scale of trendy brands increases and there are more consumers, it will lead to the dilution of symbolic meaning, the weakening of self and group identity, and thus the reduction of the symbolic value. But opening the pattern, as long as the close connection of name, image and meaning is maintained, the symbolic value of a single materialized commodity will decrease, but it can create a greater overall symbolic value in the process of diffusion.

From the end to the beginning, the great tide brand should create the greatest overall symbolic value, so it has a certain universality. Therefore, in the later stage, the scarcity created by pre-sale, limited quantity, and mystery should only be a means and a tool, in order to make the "symbolic story" of names, images, and meanings clear and thorough, and firmly engraved in the group in the brain.

It is conceivable that the growth history of the greatest "tide brand" should be accompanied by a history of social and cultural changes.

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