Streetwear Editor's Guide

Streetwear Editor's Guide


If you're new to streetwear, figure out what works for you and what doesn't. We're here to guide you and help you learn all about streetwear.

Streetwear Editor's Guide
Streetwear went mainstream in the early 2000s. The movement opened the door to unisex clothing - a time when everyone embraced practical and casual clothing with open arms. But here's the thing about this sport-influenced casual style, everyone has their own interpretation based on what they find comfortable and relaxed. 

If you're new to streetwear, figure out what works for you and what doesn't. But it doesn't have to be so messy that you start splurging on designer clothes. That's where we come into play; we're here to guide you and help you learn everything you need to know about streetwear.

What is Streetwear?

Street style is essentially made of lightweight, easy-to-wear fabrics like cotton, denim, and twill. Streetwear is a fairly broad category, so it can be challenging to determine what and what doesn't go with street style. So figuring out what types of materials and fabrics fall into that category can be a good place to start. 

To explain further, streetwear has evolved since it entered the fashion world in the 90s. At its core, streetwear is designed to be modern and comfortable. If you consider yourself a laid-back person, this style is made for you! 

Just because the style is simple and comfortable, doesn't mean it's basic, unstructured, and poorly styled. In fact, it's one of your funniest styles! You can wear a college jacket with a neutral or white tee and sweatpants for an effortless look. Many luxury brands have embraced this style wholeheartedly. 

Streetwear Ideas for Men and Women

Despite knowing what falls into this category, creating streetwear can be challenging for some. So, we've brought you some streetwear ideas so you can get a basic understanding of style and creation. Once you get the hang of it, you can get creative and play together. 


You can never go wrong with a single color. Monochrome streetwear is the most basic yet stylish outfit you can choose from. For example, women can pair gold enamel necklaces with white sneakers and matching loungewear. 

Sweatshirts and Bright Bottoms

If comfort is your thing, we recommend choosing a neutral-colored sweatshirt with a bright, bold-colored bottom. Therefore, choose different types of pants such as jeans, slacks, sweatpants, belted pants, etc. This dress is fun to wear and has a personality. 

Shoulder Sweater and Jeans

Men should definitely wear this if the weather is a bit messy. You know that when the weather isn't exactly warm or cold, you have to wear an outfit that needs to go from day to night, and that's the go-to in this situation.

A neutral-toned off-the-shoulder sweater paired with a long-sleeve shirt and flared jeans is all you need to up your styling game. Women should also opt for an off-the-shoulder sweater and jeans for streetwear as it is perfect for casual occasions. 

Sweatshirts and Biker Shorts

As we said before, this street doesn't have to be boring. This is the kind of style you can play with, so you can try biker shorts. Pair dark biker shorts with a tennis jersey or even a polo shirt. You can also carry a small bag with you to complete the look. As well as wearing high socks and white sneakers. 

Loose Hoodie and Slim Pants

The easiest streetwear outfit idea we can offer you is this: Wear a baggy hoodie with skinny jeans and bright sneakers. Make sure you wear a bright hoodie to keep it fun. Add sunglasses and a watch to add much-needed sophistication. This look shows you're ready, even if you're intentionally relaxed. 


If you're not in the mood to dress up but still head out, throw in an oversized hoodie and cargo pants, and leather-embossed sneakers. This is a great idea for casual meetings with business partners and long-term friends.

Fashion Mistakes

While there isn't any fashion misstep per se when we're talking about streetwear, in some cases people do wear the worst streetwear ever! 

First, try not to wear big, loose shirts just to be "comfortable." It can be loose, but it won't be out of the place where the two of you can mount it. And don't confuse streetwear with cheap clothes. In fact, the opposite is true. Streetwear is one of the most expensive clothes you'll ever find. 

Almost importantly, never neglect footwear. Having the right sneaker collection is absolutely essential because that's what makes the style so outstanding. Just make sure it's color-coordinated perfectly, as this is where people often make mistakes. 

Should You Wear White Streetwear? 

Don't underestimate the power of stylish streetwear. Just because streetwear is young and vibrant doesn't mean it has to be a feast of color! You can also opt for an all-white outfit and dress like an adult while keeping it simple and comfortable. 

White is by no means basic, so it's time to embrace the coolness and excitement of this beautiful color, especially in spring and summer. Apply the same rules as creating an all-brown or all-black outfit. You also don't need to be preppy or mix streetwear with tech. Stick to the basic style and you're good to go. 

In Summary 

Streetwear is comfortable and easy to style. What you need to understand is that there are plenty of ranges to try and play with, so just because it's casual, it shouldn't be confused with loose and baggy clothing. Keep it minimal, fun, and comfortable. If you memorize these three keywords, you will do well! If you want to buy streetwear, please contact us.

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