StreetStyle Tip: How to Style Cargo Pants

StreetStyle Tip: How to Style Cargo Pants


In this blog, we will take you through how to style cargo pants. And shows you how to style cargo pants, giving you some style inspiration so you can design your own outfit.

One of the most popular style movements in men's fashion, street style has long been at the forefront of men's fashion trends. The most popular menswear trends often find themselves transformed and adopted by mainstream fashion, and nowhere is this clearer than with the cargo pants trend.

Originally a workwear and military style, men's cargo pants are a natural fit for rugged, utilitarian streetwear. Known for their oversized pockets, loose fit and unique look, men's cargo pants were last popular in the 1990s when they were adopted by streetwear leaders like skateboarders and rappers. Since then, the cargo pants trend has faded, but with a recent reinvention, the trend is back in style.

In this blog, we'll take you through how to style cargo pants, starting with the most popular styles. Once you've chosen the men's cargo pants that best suit your personal style, we'll show you how to style them and give you some style inspiration so you can design your own outfit.

How to Wear Overalls?

There are countless fits and designs in this trend, but if you're new to streetwear, let us introduce you to three basic types of men's cargo pants: classic cargo pants, comfortable cargo joggers, and skinny Overalls.

Classic Street Cargo Pants

A direct descendant of the original utility-style combat pant, the classic cargo pants feature a relaxed fit that complements the features of men's utility pants. Of all the cargo pant styles, this fit is the most street style favorite and has been reinvented countless times to reveal fun new colors and designs.

Men's Cargo Jogging Pants

A loungewear update to a classic style, the cargo jogger is perfect for the man who prioritizes comfort and utility in his casual wardrobe. Thanks to the wool or cotton materials typically used for cargo joggers, this style is slimmer than bulky classic utility cargo pants.

Men's Tight Overalls

A more modern update to the classic slack cargo pants of the '90s, the Men's Slim Fit Cargo Pants strikes an easy balance between casual and formal without losing the slightly rugged feel of its predecessor. Slim-fit tapered cargo pants, most popular in earth tones like green and tan, can be styled for a variety of occasions.

What to Wear with Overalls?

As with any trend, the way you wear overalls depends entirely on the style of pants you choose, the occasion for which they are suitable, and your personal style preferences. To help you style your outfit, we've rounded up some of our favorite pieces below.

How to Wear Overalls: Classic Combat Pants

There are two main options when it comes to styling your outfit, the first is to match the heavy "workwear" style of the trousers with a matching utility coat. Similar to wearing double denim, this double-layer workwear style is very popular but difficult to wear. If that's the look you're going for, avoid too much style clash by opting for a contrasting color, such as pairing black combat pants with a green coat.

What to Wear with Cargo Jogging Pants?

As with the classic look, the easiest way to create cargo jogging pants is to blend in with the overall style of the pants, in this case, loungewear style. Try pairing your cargo joggers with a comfortable, relaxed tee and elevate the look with a relaxed flannel shirt. This gives a relaxed sporty vibe and is the perfect casual look when paired with a pair of high-top or platform sneakers.

Slim Overalls Suit

Just as slim-fit cargo pants are a modern update on classic workwear, pairing slim-fit cargo pants with another contemporary workwear style is the perfect way to capitalize on the trend.

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