13 Step Guide on How to Talk to a Streetwear Manufacturer

13 Step Guide on How to Talk to a Streetwear Manufacturer


It is very important to find a reliable clothing manufacturer, but how to cooperate after finding a suitable clothing supplier? Read on to learn about how to talk to streetwear manufacturers.

13 Step Guide on How to Talk to a Streetwear Manufacturer
1. Self-introduction

Making a good first impression with manufacturers is a great way to start your business interactions. Introduce yourself and your brand clearly. Provide them with enough details to ensure that you are a reliable client and ready for serious business.

Outline your brand vision and identity. Share as many details as possible. If you are advertising some unique features that make your garment stand out in the market, mention these features to the manufacturer so they can pay more attention to these details.

Also, tell them about your personal background and experience in the streetwear industry. This may be reflected in the way the manufacturer interacts with you. If you have less experience, they won't assume you know every tricky detail of the production process and will spend more time explaining the most important aspects of it to you. However, if you already have some clothing-making experience, the partner will cut to the chase and use more complex terminology.

Talk about money. If you're tempted to share your financial situation with a maker at the first meeting, try to refrain from feeling that way. Be professional. You may have had good or bad experiences in the past, but don't say you're on a tight budget or doubt the integrity of the manufacturer.

2. Production Stage

When contacting the manufacturer, be sure to be clear about the stage of production you have reached. Think about the next steps, what type of service do you need, and what do you want from the manufacturer? Don't just assume it will meet all your needs. In some cases, manufacturing companies work with subcontractors who are willing to help you. In other cases, they may refer you to service providers they know. However, you may have to do some outsourcing, so be prepared.

3. Find the Right Streetwear Manufacturer

When explaining to a manufacturer the type of clothing you want to produce, be sure to ask about their previous experience. Have they done something similar in the past? Try to discover as much information as possible. Can they name some of the brands they have worked with? Are there any pictures or links available?

Finding out that the manufacturer you are interested in has never done a similar order is not a reason to pass it up. Be aware that, just like you, they'll be thinking as they go.

4. Request a Quote

Be very special when asking for a quote. Request it for a number in your heart. Asking for a quote on 10,000,000 items may raise suspicion and your account will not be considered a significant business opportunity. Be firm with numbers. If you are interested in volume distribution, please inquire about higher or lower volume terms. They may have a special deal for you on larger volumes.

5. Stick to a Budget

Set a budget and decide how much variance you can allow. Then ask the manufacturer if it can be satisfied. In order to guarantee the overall production price, Sky Rocket does not require detailed breakdowns. Request unit cost seems to be the most straightforward way to solve this problem. Unfortunately, calculations are often not possible until the first sample is produced. In this case, costs are required to be broken down into groups containing different garment components such as fabric, trim, accessories, print, and labor.

6. Clarify the Process

To follow the production process, make sure you understand the steps involved in working with that particular manufacturer. Take note of the entire time frame.

7. Make the Slot

Ask about lead times and available production slots. Keep in mind that making last-minute changes can result in missed reservation slots and significant delays in production. Discuss the deadline for last-minute changes with the manufacturer, and ask about the time and financial implications of ignoring it.

8. Stick to a Schedule

Create a schedule and confirm that the manufacturer can meet the terms. If not, ask what changes can be made to the process to get it done within the time frame.

9. Go All out

Double-check that the manufacturer has all the information, materials, and resources needed to successfully launch and complete a project. Once you get confirmation and start production, keep an eye on the process.

10. Do Not Hold Samples, Hostage

Manufacturers need to obtain approved samples before starting. If a manufacturer needs them to start production, don't plan on taking any photos with your samples. If your sample production company is different from the mass production company, please don't forget to bring the samples to them in time.

11. Warranty

Depending on the payment terms, you may wish to sign an agreement. If you are paying in advance, it is in your best interest to define the terms of production. Protect your business by establishing deadlines and who pays in the event of a defect or other unforeseen event.

12. Spot Hidden Costs

Streetwear manufacturing costs may or may not include the cost of labeling, packaging, shipping, import or export duties. To avoid disappointment, please specify early in the process.

13. Pay on Time

Close deals by transferring payments on time.

The above has introduced the steps to cooperate with streetwear manufacturers, if you are looking for streetwear manufacturers, welcome to contact us.

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